Our Mission

Olio Skin & Beard is about caring for your skin in a natural and healthy way. Our skin is our largest living organ. We believe that if you feed your skin vitamin rich oils and unprocessed salt, your skin will thrive and feel wonderful. It only takes 26 seconds for your skin to start absorbing what it come in contact with, all of our pure, vitamin packed ingredients are great to be absorbed!

Olio Skin Care uses real, 100% all natural, pure ingredients. All of the ingredients we use have been proven to be therapeutic, such as unprocessed sea salts, plant based oils and therapeutic grade essential oils. Our unprocessed salts come from Utah and Hawaii. Our oils are natural and contain no preservatives or additives. Our products are natural, chemical free & sustainable. Even vegan friendly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you blend your own oils? Yes. We hand blend all of our products in small batches to ensure freshness and the highest quality.
Where do you get your oils? We have dozens of sources for our oils and essential oils. We have spent years building relationships and sourcing our oils as close to the farmer as possible.
Why do you package in glass? At Olio Skin & Beard we use as little plastic as possible in our packaging for several reasons. Plastic can leach into what is contained in it. Our glass bottles and jars can easily be recycled or returned to us for cleaning and reuse. We are also working on an alternate solution other than plastic for the caps and droppers.
How long will your products stay healthy since you don’t use preservatives? Our products have a shelf life of an unopened bottle or jar of 1 year and recommend use of our products within 6 months of opening.
How do I store your products after opening? We use tinted bottles to block 99% of harmful light and UV rays from reaching our products. We recommend you store your Olio Skin & Beard products in room temperature out of direct sunlight.
Are you part of a Multi-Level Marketing company? No! We are not an MLM nor do we use any products from an MLM.
I can’t use certain oils. Can I request a special blend? Yes. We are happy to help accommodate any special needs. Please email us at info@OlioSkin.com for more information.
Do you have wholesale pricing for my salon, store or shop? Yes. We do have wholesale and bulk pricing available. Please email us at info@OlioSkin.com
How much do you charge to ship within the United States? Zero, zip, zilch! We do not charge to ship orders placed within the U.S. All orders under $35 are shipped USPS First Class. All orders over $35 are shipped USPS Priority at no cost to you. If you need overnight or expedited shipping please email info@OlioSkin.com
How much do you charge to ship international? We ship international on a regular basis. Please email info@OlioSkin.com for international rates.
How do I find out what Farmers Markets and Winter/Holiday Markets Olio Skin & Beard will be attending as vendors? Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for market info. We update our social networks daily.

Scent Descriptions:

Olio Skin Care products are scented with high quality, 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils.

Clear (Unscented) – If you prefer no scent at all, this is for you.
Bergamont - The aroma is basically citrus, yet fruity and sweet with a warm spicy floral quality.
Cedarwood – Rich and woody, slightly sweet.
Frankincense-Pine - Forrest, earthy scent with a deeply mysterious nuance.
Frankincense-Rose - Earthy with a slight sweetness.
Lavender - Fresh, floral-herbaceous odor.
Lavender-Frankincense - Earthy and floral. A blend of our Lavender & Frankincense essential oils.
Lavender-Rose – Blend of our Lavender and Rose Essential Oils.
Lavender-Peppermint – Blend of our Lavender and Peppermint Essential Oils.
Mojito - Reminiscent of a tropical beach vacation. Lime and spearmint are fresh and uplifting.
Original - Healing Blend of Lavender, Frankincense, Rose & Peppermint Essential oils.
Peppermint - Sharp, penetrating mint scent based on its high menthol content.
Spice – Strong, rich scent of Cinnamon, Clove & Rosemary.
Zesty Citrus - Refreshing citrus scent, radiant, fruity and tangy.