Beard Oil!  Have you heard of it yet?  Its pretty 50/50 now whenever I ask someone.

Beard Oil smooths, softens and scents a gentleman’s beard.  Beard Oil does to a beard, what Moroccan oil/Argan oil does for ladies hair.  Adding oil to your beard will strengthen it and help with breakage.  The Beard Oil will protect your hair from the outside elements which break hair down over time.  Beard Oil also helps with dry chin, dandruff chin, itchy chin, acne under the beard and ingrown hairs.

How to Use/Apply Olio Beard Oil:

Best used right out of the shower when skin is warm, pores are open and beard is slightly damp.  You’ll find the right amount of oil to use after the first couple applications.  Start with a dime size amount, rub between fingers and start to apply the oil under the beard starting from the neck working up through the beard.  Massage the oil into the skin.  The oil will begin to strengthen the hair follicle, so as hair grows out its strong.  The oil will naturally brush through the beard.  If you have a larger beard, start with a quarter size amount.

We have a video on how to apply on our website under the beard oil product. scroll down for the video