The winters are usually slow months for farmers markets vendors.  If the company does not have a store front, sometimes that company sells little during the winter.  Sure there are outlets like ETSY and Instagram and word of mouth, but I know many companies that have to prepare for winter income.  There are some boutiques and retail outlets, but nothing catches a crowd like a farmers market or arts & craft fair.

Teaching, explaining, selling

Olio usually spends the winter to stock our barbershops, make soap and manufacturing.  Our wholesale business has increased in a great way we are so proud of.  No boss to tell us “Hey, good job, here’s a bonus” because you got another wholesale account.  We are our everything (sales people, raw ingredient order-er, bottle order-er, label maker and “getter” (however you do whether its vista print or a small local company, the label had to be designed and emailed and made a proof and printed and paid for).  You are the source for everything in your business and its scary and overwhelming sometimes.


We survived our first two winters thanks to our steady customers, barbershops and working our asses off.  You know when you work really hard and you wonder….When will i see the fruits of this?  How long will all the seeds I planted along the way take to grow?  Which “flowers” will bloom first?

We’ve begun to see our flowers bloom!!!!!  We are excited, scared, mind blow in love with whats happening!

  • We were voted best skin care by Salt Lake Mag for 2016
  • We were unknowingly featured in City Weekly, Slug and Catalyst in 2016.
  • Our manufacturing side has taken off!
  • Which led us to getting a space!  We will have a small retail area open in a few months where we will also sell other made in Utah items.  It will be our “Made In Utah” Wall.
  • Our shop in located in Sugar House in the 21st and 21st area.
  • We are lifted by all the excitement and  encouragement we have received.
  • We attended and killed it at Craft Lake City in 2016 and will be back this year!!!!

We will be doing a few farmers markets this summer.  Of Course the Salt Lake Downtown Market (our peeps) and we will be doing 5 dates up in Park City

We were in CLC 2016

with the Park Silly Sunday Market.

Olio Beard Co. Coffee Infused Beard & Face Oil

Coffee Infused Beard & Face Oil

Ultimate Set