Olio was a project in manifestation for over 5 years before Olio was actually “born”.  Same as humans, our birth dates are just the day we appeared to the world, but we existed before the “birth date”.  Olio Skin and Beard Co. is a dream come true for me (and my husband, but mostly me).

I was not really interested in nails as a young girl.  I painted my nails here and there, but it wasn’t that important to me.  (Things that were important to me: Strawberry Shortcake, My little ponies, dancing to “My Boyfriend’s Back”).

Once I hit my 20’s, that changed and I wanted “nails”.  So I chose the closest, cheapest shop and had a set of acrylics put on. “I feel great!”  (I thought  to myself at that time).

Since then I’ve learned a lot.  I rocked the Nail Technician classes I took (ask for credentials if that’s something you’re curious about) and started really enjoying nails.

The professional nail company that sponsored the school I attended was CND (Creative Nail Design). They are a major name in the industry.  I learned on all their products, its was came with the school class kit.  I’ve experimented with all the professional brands out there.  I’ve been licensed by the state of Utah since 2009.

I’s a research kinda girl.  I want to know why a product is healing if it says its healing.  So I’ll take the time to learn everything about that item and base my decisions off what I learn.

Some of what I learned is that skin is an actual, breathing, living organ.  Like our heart, eyes and intestines.  Just like we “watch what we eat”, we should become equally aware of “watching what we absorb”.

EVERY client I have and have ever had, always has the same complaint…My skin is so dry!  Some have their own reasons why they think its dry, some really want to learn how to improve it, some just don’t care and some just want to complain about it.  Everyone’s different.  If you are really interested in educational conversation on skin and nail care just email me at jennifer@olioskin.com.

I choose to be a holistic, natural nail care Nail Technician.  Offering an all natural approach on taking care of your natural nails and skin, without preservatives, parabens, alcohols or unnecessary chemicals.

Olio Skin Care, Skin oil, OlioSkin.com

Olio Skin Care, Skin oil, OlioSkin.com








For a long time, everyone I knew got my hand made skin care items for gifts.  Also, I made product for my nail clients and asked them to use it (for free), to see if we notice any improvement.

Seeing these people every two weeks was a great way to see my experiment at work.

Some people saw healing right away.  Some people saw healing over the first month.  Either way there was healing.  Skin tone improved, skin elasticity, hydration, nails grew faster, less hang nails, less peeling cuticles, dry heels healing.










After 5 years of watching, learning, leaving the product in the window to see if it would grow bacteria and redoing recipes, Olio was ready to go into business supplying All Natural, Chemical Free, Sustainable Skin, Beard and Shave products.

I do have openings for 2 (every 2 weeks) natural nail clients. Email me if interested in going over details jennifer@olioskin.com

Natural Nails

Natural Nails