I would love some responses and feedback, should anyone find time to do so!
1. Do you use box stores stocked make-up and beauty supplies? (Yes, Nordstrom counts)
2. Do you know that the skin is our largest organ?
3. Did you know what goes on your skin gets absorbed?
4. Did you know that what gets absorbed in our skin, could go through your bloodstream?

The education about skin care is becoming more mainstream, but can always use repeating…or maybe you’re a new reader and reading this for the first time! That would be even more exciting!!!

Women and Men put as many as 500 chemicals on their skin each morning before leaving the house. Any commercially made, mass produced item you look at contains chemicals (sounds harsh. almost like a lie, but its true!), alcohols (very drying to skin), preservatives, emulsifiers (that’s to keep that lotion creamy looking and from separating), dyes (women love colorful things!), lab created ingredients (synthetic versions of real things) and some of the more hated ingredients like parabens, petroleum and polyethylene glycol (also known as PEG).

Where you able to get through that last sentence? I know lots of information thrown right there! Its worth re-reading and comprehending, I promise.

Why are these ingredients a problem? And how do they affect you? Here’s the short and skinny! Cause after all, we like quick, instant results and answers nowadays.

These ingredients affect everyone. Children, your children. Adults. Men and Women. Your son, your daughter (in case it didn’t register the first time).

These ingredients show the side effects to us, we just aren’t taught to look at and listen to our skin. Side effects range from rashes, dry skin, bumps on skin, skin cracking, skin itching, skin wrinkling and more popular skin cancers.

It’s no longer “hippie” to use natural products, in fact its becoming more important and more popular.

We make products that are safe for babies, you, men, grandparents, everyone! If your child accidentally got into our products and happened to eat some, it would not harm them.

Next question people ask us “Does it really work?” If you become “addicted” to the newest spring scent from the mall, why not become “addicted” to shea butter?

Our products are plant based, earth friendly, sustainable, vegan and yes they really work and they come in all kinds of scents!!!! You can smell good with natural skin care items too!!!

We bottle/jar in glass, not plastic. Why not plastic? Well, that’s for another discussion.

Olio Skin Care, Skin oil, OlioSkin.com

Olio Skin Care, Skin oil, OlioSkin.com