Derek and I have been together for 12 years.  We dated 6 years before getting married. Kylie is Derek’s Daughter.  It was very important for me, for her to know that I did not want to try to replace her mother.  I tried to just be a positive women influence in her life. (She was 9 years old and “step moms” arent on the popular list). I wanted her to love me, as well as Derek.  They both got down on one knee and asked me to marry “them” (this was when I finally excepted she could be alright with having me in her life.)

I  believe we are senative people.  I believe we have a great amount of love, teachings, patience, kindness, compassion to offer and teach, and a strong foundation of marriage to back it up.

We decidede we wanted to try to have a child in 2014.  We got pregnant.  I had what I would call a difficult pregnancy.  I was very sick in the beginning.  We didnt have health Insuracance so we put off going to a doctor.

I found out I was pregnant in the Emergency Room at 13 weeks.  We were shocked,  over taken with emotion and excitment.  How did I NOT know I was pregnant? I had none of the usual signs. and never being pregnant before  didnt have the intuition to even think we could be pregnant.  I had spent 13 years on birth control.

My body began showing signs of dialing at 18 weeks.  Incompetent Cervix.  Emergency Cerclage.  Bed Rest.  Body gave birth at 23 weeks, when the baby tore through the back of the cervix.  We got to hear his heartbeat until the moment of birth.  His lungs were just too small.  Still Birth, repairing, healing.  August Ace Williamson was born on October 29, 2014, passing seconds later.  He was perfect.  I still think he should have been breathing and premie. The loss was devistating for our whole family.

We are trying again.  A different route.  A Gestinial Carrier.   Sara, entered our lives through our line of work.  Sara carries very well, and while the story itself is amazing, when she told us she would carry for us, I was moved to tears.

Seeing women carry “easy” is happy for me.  I am so happy that some women can carry a child and could function.  For me to become pregnant again, it would require a cerclage (the use of a ring or loop to bind together the ends of an obliquely fractured bone or to encircle the opening of a malfunctioning cervix.)  The depresesion after the still birth was extreme.  Im scared to experience a depression like that again, So we explored our options of how to have a mini Williamson.

Through getting to know Sara, and seeing how she was through two pregnancies, a moment in time came up where our story came out and Sara was the one.

I have had women ask to carry for me.  I needed to feel a connection.  This is everything that Sara is.

We are asking for a little help.  The is an expensive procedcure.  Im not  sure I sould explain the procedure here, but if you are curious about where all the money goes, please email me.

Our Gestational Carrier, Sara, and her family have since moved to Wiscosin and we will be going there for the process.

We are planning on starting in the next couple months.  Fund Raising time.

We sure would appreciate any amount you feel comfortable giving.

Jennifer and Derek Williamson

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